For Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo 2007 - 2015
Maserati Keyless Control
Keyless For Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo 2007 - 2015
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Keyless Remove Control For Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo 2007 - 2015 With Keyless Start Smart Engine Remove Control Of Mobile Phone

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Adapted to the:  For Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo 2007 - 2015 

We Will Provide Install Instruction After Received your Order

The main function:

Support Mobile Phone Control ( Optional )

Bring the key and automatically unlock it 1.5 meters from the car

The key is automatically locked after 2 meters from the car;

One-button start on the car, it will automatically unlock when the flame is off;

Key can be started remotely (effective distance about 30 meters)

Keyless control for Maserati GTFor Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo 2007 - 2015Keyless Remote Control For Maserati GT/GC GranTurismo 2007 - 2015


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